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For parties of less than 6 passengers that are looking to split costs with others
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There has been some interest in our fishing trips from people that do not have full 6 anglers in their party, but still wish to go fishing and share costs with others.   Hopefully this board will help such anglers to get together, organize a trip, and still get out fishing.

First, join the message board.  Then you can post your contact information, email, phone, IM, etc., so that other anglers looking to split costs of a charter can do the same and get in touch with you.   In the topic, type in "Looking for a split charter"   Please include the open dates that you would be willing to go on, and the number of anglers in your party.  Check open dates here

Please be as flexible as possible in your date selection (choose as many open dates as you can possibly go on) so that other anglers can have more options to get hooked up on a trip with you.  Be ready to commit with a deposit if a trip does come together.  The deposit is $250 per angler.

Once Two Fish receives the total deposit amount of $2000 from all 6 anglers, we can help your group to work out all the details of the trip such as food, supplies, tackle, fish cleaning, the ride down here, etc.  In the past other parties that participated in a split charters had a great time.  It is good way to learn new fishing tricks from fellow anglers and perhaps make some new fishing buddies.

You can come back to this board and add, edit, or delete any messages you have posted.  If you have any questions, or need more information, please do not hesitate to call us at 305 797-6396.

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