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need 2 anglers for 8-10th of january
For parties of less than 6 passengers that are looking to split costs with others
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Gregory W Custer
1 post
Dec 17, 2007
4:03 PM
I need possibly 2 anglers for 1/8-10th. Is there anyone that will take the spots if everyune on my end don't comit? I will put the deposit down for the trip but want you to put down $300.00 payed to the captain as we have as well. I need you on standby just in case. I am leaving for the holidays on the 21st if my others don;t comply I will fill the spot for you and friend if needed. But I may need only ! if that works. Thanks Greg
eric boucher
1 post
Dec 20, 2007
12:23 PM
Hi Gregory,

When will you be certain that you need people Iam one person but I would need confirmation that is good not on standby since I need to make flight reservations.

Thanks Eric
Gregory W Custer
2 posts
Dec 20, 2007
3:23 PM

I would like you to come with us on this trip.If you contact the captain and you can pay him your deposit for $500.00 like we all have. I think that would be ok with him. It's not standby anymore. I have asked the captain for 3 anglers and I have stoped asking others on my end at this point. I am leaving for the holidays and will not return until this trip so I will not be able to reply. I think all would feel beter if the captain handles everything monitaraly wise. Hope to see you the and happy holidays.

Thanks Greg

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1 post
Dec 21, 2007
6:10 PM
hey greg i live in west palm beach fl. and i wuold love to come with you guy's on your trip.i frquently fish down in the tourtugas on the florida fishfinder and have been waiting to be able to fish with capt yuri.i know all of the secrets to fishing down there and also where to get the best bait for cheap .fresh goggle eye!!i will be able to come up with the deposit,and i hope that you get back to me.i am 24 years old and love to fish especially for muttons.please get back to i live 4and a half hours away from key west so getting down there will not be a problem.
1 post
Jan 19, 2008
1:35 AM
Single angler looking to join a party. I have Dry Tortugas experience and love to share any thing I know. looking to split charter with fun people.

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