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Looking For April 2014
For parties of less than 6 passengers that are looking to split costs with others
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Apr 04, 2013
1:29 PM
I am in the keys for the month of April. If anybody needs one for anytime in April 2014 please contact me. I just got back from my first trip with Yuri and would really like to go again next April.


April 2013 cell only (C) (810)734-0037
(H) (810)794-3098
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Jan 13, 2014
4:38 PM
Looking to join a trip in March, April or May 2014. I will be happy to split the cost with 3, 4 or 5 other anglers. I went out with Yuri last year with my 3 sons but none of my sons can make it this year. I'd like to go out again this year and I'm looking to join a group that needs another person to split the costs.
My e-mail is jmurdzak@comcast.net. My phone numbers are 410-592-5484 (home) and 443-690-5770 (cell).

Joe murdzak

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Mar 18, 2014
4:50 PM

I am looking to join a trip any weekend in April. Will be happy to split costs.

Thank you,

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