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Experienced fisherman & team member available
For parties of less than 6 passengers that are looking to split costs with others
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Jun 05, 2019
8:12 AM
Experienced fisherman available on short notice. I’m a 61 year old retired male that lives in Hobe Sound, FL, roughly six hours north of Key West.

I’ve fished with Captain Yuri before, focusing on Snapper & Grouper, both using bait and flat-fall jigging.

I’m literally ready to go at all times, as I’m on the water; from the beach to to offshore up here almost every day, so my gear is in the garage. With the exception of wire line trolling or deep dropping (electric reel), I can match my tackle & rigging to the way your group wants to fish.

In the past, I have experienced as a mate both on charters & head boats; and currently I run my own 28’ center console, so I know my way around boats, baits, rigging & tackle, tangles and a gaff.

Contact me at tarpon.master@gmail.com... I check my email many times a day.



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