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Experienced fisherman available for trip.
For parties of less than 6 passengers that are looking to split costs with others
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Feb 15, 2022
3:36 PM
Been fishing with Yuri for over 10 yrs. Been fishing Key West since 1988. Past trips on Florida Fishfinder, Yankee Captains and several Griffith boats. Now only like to take trips on either of Yuri's boats. Booked last trip with Yuri in 6/21. Have trip booked for 7/22 already but would like to join a trip sooner as well in 3/22, 4/22 or 5/22. Vacinated for Corona in 4/21 and booster in 10/21. Normally go out with my 3 sons but could not get trip in April or May 2022. Easy going, experienced fisherman who loves to fish and enjoy the trip. Can email me at joemurdzak@gmail.com or call at 410-592-5484.

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